A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Explore a strange temple of mysterious origins and purpose. Interact with the colorful spirits that dwell within. Kick some ancient and likely priceless pots... or don't. Make your way down and discover what slumbers deep beneath the surface.

Minimum space requirement: 560 MB.

AD or Arrow Keys to move.
W, Up-Arrow, or Space to jump.
S or Down-Arrow to kick.
E or ? to interact with object and NPCs.
Escape (Esc) to open the pause menu.


  • Tanis Kowalik


  • Tanis Kowalik
  • Bonnie Meyers
  • Kamil Jarosz

Contact us: @TiecedTheGame on Twitter.

Install instructions

Unzip file and place the data folder and .exe in a folder of your choice. Open the .exe file, and set the game to whatever resolution works best for your machine.


Tieced V1.4.3 Build46 PC.zip 45 MB
Tieced V1.4.3 Build46 MAC.zip 49 MB

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