A downloadable game for Windows

Join an adventurous researcher as they explore a mysterious temple's depths. Be sure to avoid the deadly spikes, solve the cryptic riddles, and ignore the caustic comments of the ancients who built it all.
BE WARNED: Not all is as it seems.

Go here to fill out a survey after you play if you didn't click the survey button in the game!

Minimum space requirement: 560 MB.

Mouse to navigate menus.
WAD or Arrow Keys to move.
Space to kick.
E or RightShift to interact with objects and exit text.
Escape (Esc) to open the pause menu.

  • Tanis Kowalik
  • Bonnie Meyers
  • Kamil Jarosz

Contact us at: tiecedthegame@gmail.com

Install instructions

Unzip file and place the data folder and .exe in a folder of your choice. Open the .exe file, and set the game to whatever resolution works best for your machine.


Build32.zip (52 MB)

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