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Tieced's development has been picked back up with a new build! Initially this started as a group project, but when other things got in the way, development slowed to a stop and we kind of drifted off into our own pursuits. Last semester I got the go-ahead to dive back into this project for my senior thesis. Now that the Spring semester is starting, the game is finally at a place where I'm comfortable presenting it to the public.

Mechanically, the game's changed a lot and a narrative is finally starting to bud. This project has progressed a great deal since the last time this page was updated, and it still has a ways to go. I'm looking forward to seeing how this game takes shape and I hope you are too!

-Tanis K.


Build43 V4.01 (PC).zip 47 MB
Jan 17, 2018
Build43 V4.01 (MAC).zip 50 MB
Jan 17, 2018

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